How to adjust idle on 50cc scooter
8. The larger main jet in this carb. Page 39 ADJUSTING FORCHOKE AND CARBURETOR b) adjust idle speed Steady steam function is the basis of good performance 1. It is said that two turns from tight is a good starting point for adjustment. Honda named this scooter the Aero 50 for the USA and Canadian markets, but elsewhere it received other names like Tact, Melody and Vision. Took me 10 minutes to install everything and my scooter took off like brand new, I had to set my idle but after that it ran fantastic. 17 Oct 2014 Learn about carburetor parts, how they work, and how to adjust the float height to fix your bike from running rich or lean. This is how I adjust my pilot jet. Once it warms up (about 2 minutes), it runs amazing. Turn the Fuel Ratio Screw Counter Clockwise 1/4 and wait 10-15 seconds to allow the engine to catch up with the new setting. I have resorted to setting my idle speed screw pretty darn high, and sometimes it still dies if I let go of the throttle, even if I've been riding for 10-20 min. I've recently changed the oil. Start by turning this screw in (clockwise) until it stops. Roughly ~1 week later (this past Friday), sitting at stop light, scooter died again. The idle speed screw is just a lower limit stop that holds the butterfly inlet valve open a little bit to maintain a given idle speed. Ride the scooter to make sure it accelerates in a smooth fashion. Once you have access to it the first thing we will do is adjust the mixture of the lower part. Over time (especially if the scooter is stored for long periods of time with gas in the carburetor), "gummy" deposits can build up. I have also read that the idle jet in this carb is to big for a 49cc bike so I might also change that out to a 17. GY6 50CC Carburetor is good at mixing fuel and air,keep engine running smoothly. Place the air cleaner back on the Honda engine and attach with the nut. Two-cylinder motorcycle engines are often set around 1000 rpm. CH 250cc china scooter top overhaul Replace block kit and refresh engine. Cut out during driving. • Start with a fully warmed up engine at normal operating temperature. (The 125-200cc four stroke Yamahas have hydraulic valves that don't need adjusting). 95 $15. 3. It's only about $500 less than the Yamaha and Honda, but the 2 year unlimited mileage definitely beat out the 6 month warranty Y and H offered. Adjust idle speed as needed. However, when the scooter is new, it may need to be adjusted a little higher until the engine breaks in to prevent dying at stop lights, etc. Replace as necessary. To adjust the screws, increase idle RPM (via its screw) a little, then turn the ratio screw until RPM is highest. Scooter idles and dies. Scooters will idle more smoothly once they have a few miles on them. PILOT JET CORRECT: With one hand on the throttle maintaining RPM at approximately ⅛ throttle, turn air screw ¼ turn at a time clock wise until you bottom it out. If I let off the throttle quick enough it catches back into idle otherwise it dies. Here is an assembly of helpful troubleshooting and Safety videos that our service technicians put together for the TaoTao Brand Chinese Power Sports machines that we sell and service. 5-12. Still on my to-do list: adjust A/F screw with my idle screw, adjust my valves, Gas gauge and connecting the killswitch! Not in too much of a rush I'm still waiting on the throttle handle to come in the mail along with a new sparkplug. Condition: scooter running and main jet out. Need to locate idle adjustment on 2009 Yamaha Vino scooter I have a 2009 Yamaha Vino. If it's not cold, the setting will be wrong. When you have it set, let the engine idle for 30 seconds to even out, and then shut off the engine. After doing some research online, I think what I am supposed to do is to adjust the idle screw on the carb. applying the throttle harder while Mar 24, 2013 · To Lower the IDLE you turn it COUNTER CLOCKWISE to Raise the IDLE you turn it CLOCKWISE. GY6 50CC Carburetor fits on All Tao-Tao, Peace, Iceberg, Roketa, Baja, Baccio and many more scooters with 50cc 4 stroke engines. My GY6 scooter is a 50cc TaoTao ATM A50 (2012). This is an issue I can live with however, as at least the scooter will run. I’m thinking the main get is to large. Turning the screw counterclockwise will decrease the idle speed. Mar 24, 2013 · To Lower the IDLE you turn it COUNTER CLOCKWISE to Raise the IDLE you turn it CLOCKWISE. Nov 07, 2012 · Got the scooter now for about 2 weeks and put about 110 miles on iteverything is great but when new and out of the crate, the idle was running at around 1900 - 2000 r. If the bike is sputtering when coming off idle or will not run after warm up, this may be the problem. Take the screws out of the top of the carburetor, which will expose the carb. just a quick vid on how to adjust the idling speed on a 50cc Chinese scooter. At anything above idle it doesn't do anything. It has a Phillips's head and spring is visible around the threads of the screw. The other screw is for the idle fuel/air mix. NOT HARD! Just till it stops and then back it out 1 1/2 turns. I have a CY50-A 49cc I have put around 120 miles on so far. As stated before 1/8 turn at a time and let the engine adjust to getting more gas. I was told to adjust the idel. Charge the battery for 8 hours. this only controls idle to 1/4 throttle Oct 10, 2019 · I got a 50cc lance Cabo. I had a 43cc scooter and my carburetor had somewhat come lose and made it not run, so i tightened it and everything was fine. Jan 10, 2013 · The kymco people is one of the most reliable scooters on the road. . Then follow the instructions in your manual if you're lucky enough to have one that gives them. Oct 04, 2017 · Collin shows you how to adjust the idle on the carburetor of your scooter. I pushed off from standstill, the scooter started moving fine, but soon thereafter started lagging. / light load combustion production 50cc 2 stroke scooter engines in Taiwan utilise exhaust catalyst CONCEPTS - To minimise the production cost increase associated with the  GY6 49CC 50CC 80CC 100CC Scooter Moped Kick Starter Start Shaft Idle Gear engine; Package Included: 1x Set Scooter Moped Kick starter start Shaft Gear. Buy PD24J 150cc GY6 Carburetor 49cc 50cc Scooter Carburetor for GY6 125cc 150cc 152QMI 152QMJ 157QMI 157QMJ Upgrade jet: Carburetors - Amazon. Aug 04, 2012 · Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Go-Carts, Motorized Bikes, ATVs, Electric Mobility Scooters and Golf Carts - 50cc Scooter won't rev up, Keihin PD19J-9 carb - This is a brand new 50cc scooter (Chinese). there should be one adjustment screw on the carburetor other than the idle screw. For the 50s-150s they like to idle around 1500-1800rpms, for the 250s+ they like to idle from 1800-2000 rpms, pick the smoothest idle with the rear The choke of a scooter consists of a dedicated choke nozzle in the fuel reservoir and two narrow drillings leading to the venturi (the pipe where the air goes through): When the motor cranks and the choke is active, the slight underpressure in the venturi sucks in extra fuel through this drillings. 50cc scooter lack of power from 0 to 10mph Fuel mixture is too rich. It got worse with a BBK but I got a larger idle jet and now it purrs at idle . Page 1 Please read the entire manual before operating your scooter. Check the Carb: If your scooter is new, you might need to adjust the needle on the carburetor slide. 50cc scooter 2 stroke. ** IF ON THE FIRST TURN IT DOES NOTHING OR IDLE GOES DOWN- GO to 2. Related articles. Low Idle Speed on Your Scooter Two-Stroke Scooter / ATV Carburetor Settings And Adjustments 2of4 : Idle Speed How to derestrict a 50cc scooter / moped Make it go Faster - Duration: 8:09. The scooter has less than 1000 miles on it but has sat for 3 years. The brass color screw located lower on the side of the carburetor next to the choke lever is for the high speed mixture. First check the idle speed and air/fuel mixture screws see carburetor adjustment. With a 49cc honda cloned gy6 engine you can ride with trust and save cash. GENUINE ROUGHHOUSE R50 The Roughhouse R50 is a sporty 50cc 2-stroke scooter from Genuine Scooter Co. If it does go out of adjustment lots of things can happen. How to derestrict a 50cc Scooter – On a general note. - main jet #82, idle jet #33 - passages 1 day ago · Easy Adjust Fuel Mixture Screw Motorcycle Atv Fcr Carb Motor Air Carburetor NEW Description Made from high quality materials Allows for no tools track or trail side tuning and improving of idle performance and off-idle acceleration 4 point reference dial Color:Blue Fitment: Fits all Keihin FCR & FCR-MX Carburetors, fits most common 4-stroke models. Check drive belt for wear and cracks. If you tighten the screw, the idle rate will speed up (it will push the slide back opening the neck of the carb) if you loosen the screw the idle rate will slow down (it will let the slide close off the neck of the carb). the idle drops to a point that causes the scooter to stop. So the basic procedure is to set the fuel/air mixture to give you the fastest idle, then use the idle speed adjustment to set the speed to the lowest rpm that gives you smooth running. I adjusted the idle screw to 2000 and it still idled up and down. of engine , so don’ t freely change it, you only adjust it as follows :adjust choke and idle speed. My 2T had idle bugs at times and I had to adjust the idle speed when the temps changed . Instead of using a screwdriver to adjust the idle, use your fingers. Scroll Up Check the Carb: If your scooter is new, you might need to adjust the needle on the carburetor slide. When he tries to accelerate, the scooter will die on him. How to adjust the idle on a 50cc scooter How to adjust the idle on a 50cc scooter. If I adjust the idle then it runs fast when it is Universal Parts Carburetor Air Idle Adjustment Screw for 50cc 4-stroke QMB139 engines. It's the fuel injected version. That's not a regular thing just maybe once per season (twice a year) for when it's cold or hot. Now it's time to adjust the pilot jet and air screw. You can almost do 15 foot pounds with a screw driver. Title says it all. Shop NS4L Oct 25, 2013 · Here I show you how and when to adjust your idle speed on a scooter or any other carburetor fed cycle or motor (this video was a part of a series that has since been discontinued and made as a It's in-between the battery and the mother, and I think if you follow the wire that comes straight out of your spark plug it's under your seat. manage to make it run at idle. Works just fine under throttle, but it just won't idle without dying. The issue I was having was the scooter felt like it was slipping under acceleration once the scooter warmed up. 1 subscribers. If not bring idle up until it does. a. I replaced the whole carburetor and have put in a new spark plug, a performance CDI (AC) and a performance air filter. From 1984 to 1987 the Spree was offered in both the USA and Canada. You will see this idle speed adjustment screw from the top. Turn the screw clockwise, no more than a half-turn, and listen to the engine. p. With the engine off, turn the screw all the way in counting the number of turns it takes. 95 / 24% off 26mm Carburetor w/Hand Choke Lever for GY6 150cc ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Go Karts Discussions related to 50cc and up 4 stroke scooters. Jan 21, 2012 · Tao Tao 50cc scooter idle problem fix The lower of the 2 screws is the fuel/ air mixture- the upper screw is the idle adjust screw Jan 22, 2010 Jul 30, 2019 · Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 139QMB Carburetor for GY6 50CC 49CC 4 Stroke Scooter Taotao Engine 18mm carb+ Intake Manifold Air Filter by TOPEMAI at Amazon. Adjust by: Loosegrit Look on top of the carburetor (under the sit remove the small door) you will find a small screw with a spring under it. In this case, the moped can come to life with appropriate fine-tuning on your part. Jul 09, 2012: hope this helps NEW by: Anonymous you can only adjust the idle and air/fuel screw on these carbs. No power at all and it bogs down like its choking. I let it warm up till the RPM's dropped into a nice idle and went to give it gas. He says the last time he rode it was in August 2013, and has not ridden it since. Then start the engine and adjust the idle speed with the speed screw so it idles at a nice speed. Jun 29, 2011 · Lift the seat, remove the two screws holding on a plastic cover. should warm up the engine. Was able to get it started, but would not idle (had to rev engine to keep it running), and was very sluggish at take off. I've ordered one of those cheap inductive  How to tune your scooter's carburetor. My son had. . Lots of fun! I need some advice on my idle speed. If after adjusting your Fuel Ratio Mixture your idle is to fast Turn the IDLE SPEED SCREW COUNTER CLOCKWISE. Helpful · Comment  50cc 18mm Carburetor Gy6 49cc Carb Quad Scooter idle and top speed of only about 20mph, to perfect starting, perfect idle (after adjustment of course), and  idle or when sitting level and the engine is not running. This is a very simply procedure anyone can perform. Fuel System 1) Check carburetor for proper operation 2) Check for proper operation of fuel pet-cock (some models may not have this) 3) Make sure fuel switch is on 4) Check for proper operation of fuel drain line 5) Check and adjust idle set screw b. If anyone has a better technique, chime in. You can adjust the idle when your scooter continues to die on you while driving / when you come to a stop. ATVs, Four Wheelers, Go karts, Dirt Bikes, Go karts, Mopeds, scooters and enduro motorcycles. Do it yourself! 29 Oct 2012 You should have this screw driver in your tool kit that came with your scooter. Idle may need to be reset after the first 50-100 miles. Scooter: Wolf RX-50. Push the socket on the throttle-stop screw between the carburetors. If all is well, it will start up and idle well. Check idle screw: i The scooter may cut out because the idle screw is not . The lower the engine capacity, the lighter the roller/slider weight. When cold the engine starts right up and sometimes revs high enough for me panic and to shut it off before it takes off on its own. If the scooter idles well and runs fine at low speed, but has problems at high speed, the problem may lie inside the carburetor with the main jet. My scooter stalls out when idle at stoplights so I constantly have to be reving the throttle so it won’t shut down on me. I have had a good look at it, checked the throttle cable, needle and seat and completely stripped and rebuilt the carburettor and the only way I have been able to get it to slow done at idle is by partially covering the inlet to the air box. It will start off fast idle then it will go to slow idle When it wants to or dose stall and I am turning the air fuel mix 1/16 of a turn. First check the idle speed and air/fuel mixture screws (see carburetor adjustment). Then turn the screw counter clockwise till the idle goes up and stop. Set idle speed adjusting screw, clockwise to increase rpm, counter-clockwise to decrease rpm. The automatic choke is the main component that regulates the air/fuel mixture while the engine is being cranked. Drain the crankcase breather tube (four strokes only, if so equipped). The carburetor on a 125cc Honda Wave is adjusted by turning the idle mixture screw and idle speed screw along the front. com - headquartered in Southern California, is a leading website selling Dirt Bikes parts, ATVs parts, Go Karts parts And Mopeds parts online, especially Chinese made models. He has difficulty starting this but when running its fine until he lets it idle. I have a friend whose Piaggio Fly 2007 50cc is not idling correctly. The scooter now has almost 1900 miles on it, and it still slips occasionally once it warms up. To do this,  First published at 10:00 UTC on March 28th, 2018. Adjust it so the engine will idle at just fast enough speed to stay running. Adjust idle so the scooter will just barely idle. look for this- screw in is to make it run leaner, screw out, makes it run richer. 4. Also how to locate and adjust it. Fast vehicles are dangerous. Oct 29, 2012 · Rolling wrench will show you how to adjust the idle speed on your tao tao scooter. 5. Page 32: Pre-Operation Checks • Lubricate cable if necessary. # 1 you are correct - not all 2003 Fat Boys are fuel injected. Scooter-Repair-Mobile-Road-Service. The rpm gage shows 0-10 numbers. Check tire pressure, and adjust accordingly. If there's bogging when taking off or reving from idle, it's too rich. hydrocarbon emissions, poor fuel consumption and poor idle. I've adjusted the idle screw but it will only idle with the idle screw all the way in. 5 foot pounds. When I ride the bike a bit and pull the clutch the bike sputtered and the engine died. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Jun 12, 2017 · How to Increase Speed in My 150 CC Scooter. This works most of the time, but on the hottest days, or when the scooter is warmed up, the clutch seems to engage and pushes it forward. It was introduced for 2008 as a replacement for the Rattler 50. If you don t have a tachometer you can adjust by ear. Effectively the centrifugal clutch does the same job as a torque converter, allowing an engine to idle at low rpm and engage at higher rpm where it makes adequate power. with the engine warmed 1 Adjust idle to 1400 rpm for 150cc or 1800 rpm for the 50cc with idle screw 2 Turn air/fuel mix (fuel volume regulation) screw all the way in gently The engine should stop 3 Turn the air/fuel mix screw out ¾ turn 150cc Service Manual 14589R4 - American LandMaster 25 Sep 2016 Getting hands on with your scooter is easier than you think. 30 Oct 2017 Chinese Scooter Service Manual https://amzn. How do you adjust carb on 50cc moped there should be 2 screws on the carb one with a spring which is the idle screw turn it all the way in and start by screwing it out 2 and 1/2 spins the great video but one very important part you forgot to mention was to remove the plastic timing inspection cover to align the timing marks before doing valve adjustment. Jun 03, 2020 · 50cc 49cc Scooter Moped ATV GY6 Carburetor Carb Sunl Roketa JCL Taotao Baja 18mm. 50cc scooter - Pilot air & idle speed adjustment Hi everyone, I've learned a lot over the past months, in no small part thanks to this community of friendly people, so thank you for that! I'm currently trying to set the right fuel/air mixture for our 50cc Yamaha Jog R (around 2002) air-cooled 2-stroke scooter. s Didn't run it for a day or so and it seems like it's idling around 1400 r. The idle mixture screw depending on the manufacturer and the placement is either and air adjust or a fuel adjust. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. 2. Troubleshooting - The Scooter Doesn’t Work Fuel Consumption . It cuts out on idle and then we can t get it to start for a while. Idle Speed Adjustment 150cc=1400rpm +/- 50cc=1900rpm +/- Engine idle speed should be adjusted to 1400 rpm for the 150cc and 1900 rpm for the 50cc. Easy installation and a plus it that carb is not sealed. m. Mechanics Note: This small jet can create many problems. Turn ½ turn clockwise to increase idle speed. Oct 14, 2008 · no scooter anymore but a 92 Yamaha TDM850 1 point · 7 years ago mine is the same, pump the throttle 4 times then hit the button with no gas just a sticky auto choke, friend TaoTao 50cc Scooter Owners Manual ; TaoTao 150cc Scooter Owners Manual; How to Adjust the valves and timing on your 49cc scooter; How to replace starter on your 49cc scooter; How to change fuse on 49cc scooter ; How to adjust idle speed on 49cc scooter May 16, 2012 · 2 answers really. The Roughhouse continues to be sold as of 2018 as their sporty 2-stroke 50cc offering. gy6 spring 50cc scooter for Try clicking on the scooter to get started. (2 stroke) INFO: Was working great. X-PRO ® Carburetor GY6 49cc 50cc 2-stroke Scooters Moped $20. below. It would run fine then want to bog and cut out when I gave it gas. Now that I have Dec 18, 2014 · SYM JET 4 50cc Scooter - Starts, runs and drives for couple of miles, then all electrics shut off, instrument panels, lights, engine. If you don’t have a tachometer you can adjust by ear. Carburetors - PD18+Carburetor for 50cc 80cc 100cc modified Scooters. Then let it idle for a few minutes til it warms up. It has about 8,000 miles on it. ) This is the main issue. This is your baseline, if you are not happy with the adjustments. If the adjustment is OK, or you can't get the engine to idle well, then comes the next step. The scooter will not start on it's own if it's cold. engine should become slightly erratic and you should have to play with throttle to Glixal GY6 49cc 50cc 55mm Kick Start Shaft with Idle Gear Sets for Chinese 139QMA 139QMB Scooter Moped ATV (20T+8T) 4. This is especially important on Keihin PJ series carbs . (if it is adjusted properly!). Clean the air filter and see if the problem goes away. The idle mixture screw is only one facet of overall carburetor jetting, however it is one of the first places to start when diagnosing a poorly running bike (motorcycle) or ATV (quad). Typically as engines begin to wear a carburetor adjustment needs to be made. Scooter 50cc GY6 (QMB139) Service/Repair Workshop Manual on CD. Jan 21, 2010 · Hi, looking for advice. So, per your calculations above I was thinking of changing the main jet to a 90. ) will start now but STILL will not stay running at idle QMB139,Gy6, bashan, BOSS,chinese, knock, off, honda, ruckus. Verify spark plug gap, and adjust accordingly. If you have any questions just ask. I can get it to start with starter fluid. The engine will die when idling. Jun 27, 2018 · If You are talking about small 2-stroke PRE-MIX engines like Chain Saws, or Weed-Eaters, They usually have High Speed and Low speed needle mixture screws… Most of the new ones have adjustment limiters (That limit how far they can be adjusted from How to adjust your idle speed? If the scooter will not idle or idles too fast, an adjustment screw is located on the carburetor next to the choke. 99 Performance Carburetor FITS E-TON 2 Stroke 50cc Beamer 50 Scooter My son has a 50cc 2009 Generic Evolution scooter that revs very hard as soon as it is started. Nobody could solve it. If the engine is operating a large number of accessories, particularly air conditioning, the idle  If you do not desire any idle make sure you turn in the adjusting screw just enough so the engine will not idle. Motopartsmax. Advanced Carb Tuning. Here is a video that shows you how to set the idle speed on a kymco people. How to adjust the idle on a DB17 pit bike/dirt bike. On the left side of the carburetor near the front is the idle mixture screw. Oct 14, 2008 · Peace Sports 50cc. Check/adjust the valves. Here's the problem: start it up, give it a little juice, and it will idle correctly for about a minute. Turn the pilot-air screw each way with the screwdriver and find the point where the engine idle speed is at the highest. Consult you owner's manual for the number and consult the tachometer as you adjust. For the 50s-150s they like to idle around 1500-1800rpms, for the 250s+ they like to idle from 1800-2000 rpms, pick the smoothest idle with the rear Aug 04, 2012 · Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Go-Carts, Motorized Bikes, ATVs, Electric Mobility Scooters and Golf Carts - 50cc Scooter won't rev up, Keihin PD19J-9 carb - This is a brand new 50cc scooter (Chinese). The idle should be smooth and consistent. The Buddy comes in three different engine configurations. It would sometimes take it, sometimes not. If you dont have a tachometer you can adjust by ear. In much the same manner as making the air fuel mixture adjustment, back the idle mixture screw off into a lean condition, and then adjust it in quarter turn increments, until the desired idle speed 1 product rating 1 product ratings - Carburetor for Yamaha Zuma YW50 Scooter Moped Carb 2011-2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 Scooter And Product Reviews. Jul 04, 2019 · Turn the idle adjustment screw to tighten. The electric choke stopped working properly and that made my engine die if I revved too fast or too slow -and the scooter was slow over all. The screw will be sensitive and should only take ¼ to ½ turns to achieve the idle speed you like. com offers mobile scooter repair services in South Florida, from North Miami in Dade County, all Broward, and Southern Palm Beach County! Our experienced mechanics provide competitively priced scooter servicing and repairs from our fully equipped van so you avoid the hassle and COST of delivering and picking NOTE: 8 Some helmets cannot be stored storage compartment because of their size or shape. Turn the idle adjustment screw slowly until the RPMs are reading around 850. Idle rpm range should be 950 to 1050 rpms. Jun 06, 2013 · 2005 Yamaha Vino 50cc Scooter. ADJUST YOUR RUEL RATIO: 1. Turning this screw clockwise will increase the idle speed. The motor should have at least 5 minutes running time before any adjustments are made. Rear brake 3-5, 6-12–6-13, 6-14 • Check lever free play. It can make the scooter hard to start, it can make the scooter slow to accelerate, it can cause the scooter to idle badly and stall or it can make the scooter idle fast so that it's trying to go all the time and needs the brake to hold it stationary. Without one, you'd have to manually disengage the clutch on your lawn mower, chainsaw or moped every time you slowed down, much as you do in a manual-transmission car. Oct 23, 2014 · 2) Warm up the scooter for at least 5 minutes, longer if you are in arctic weather. To do this, find the carburetor through the panel under the seat. It was positioned as Honda’s entry level 50cc scooter, with the larger and more fully featured Aero 50 slotted in as their premium 50cc offering. bought the part from ebay. See Variator Rollers and Sliders on eBay a. How do I - Answered by a verified Motorcycle Mechanic After driving my Honda Elite 250 for about 20 or 30 mins. New Listing Carburetor Carb For 49cc 50cc TNG ADLY HAMMERHEAD JONWAY Scooter Mopeds Bike (Fits: Genuine Scooter Co. 95. 8 volts at the battery. Jul 09, 2014 · I started my scooter yesterday to go to the store and it started just fine. It starts fine, and seems to rev OK, and will in fact run fine at normal road speeds. Got it started again, tried messing with the air screws but that didn't seem to help (started at the factory 1. Turning clockwise ("closing" the jet) will produce a higher idle, and counterclockwise ("opening" the jet) will produce a lower idle (and eventually flood and the engine will kill, if you turn it too far). Both scooters feature retro styling, but the Sting 50 uses Kymco’s long lived 2-stroke 50cc engine instead of a 4-stroke engine. Then one of the old time motorcycle mechanics took the plastic cap off the top of the carb, it covers the auto choke. You will need a Phillips head screw driver, and thats all. FINISH UP: SET IDLE USING IDLE SPEED SCREW: USING the IDLE SPEED SCREW set the Idle to 1500-1800 where it IDLES the smoothest AND the REAR WHEEL IS NOT Spinning- Nov 12, 2018 · Tuning your 50cc moped is one of the best decisions a person can make. It just wont Adjust to best, fastest and smoothest running point. After watching the videos about not being sure what fluids are included I drained the oil and gear fluid and replaced them even Scooter Dealers, The Good and The Bad 2011 puma 50cc juliet idle issues By maroluvr8569 (Read 1,735 times) I did try to adjust the idle screw, but no matter Idle Speed Adjustment 150cc=1400rpm +/- 50cc=1900rpm +/- Engine idle speed should be adjusted to 1400 rpm for the 150cc and 1900 rpm for the 50cc. The slight annoyance is when from the cold start. 44 mph by gps after installed this carburetor and made minimun adjustments on the idle screw. The Buddy 50 has a 2-stroke 50cc engine, the Buddy 125 has a 4-stroke 125cc engine, and the Buddy 150 has a 4-stroke 150cc engine and Buddy 170 has a 4-stroke 170cc EMS engine. I noticed after doing this for a while that it would have to do with full throttle. Adjust the low jet as desired until the idle is where you like it. b. Promotion. Over time, the automatic choke can become out of adjustment and will Jul 09, 2012: hope this helps NEW by: Anonymous you can only adjust the idle and air/fuel screw on these carbs. Free shipping I have a used gy6 150 cc eagle and it will not idle. Try a different CDI. This delicate procedure, if not done correctly, can damage the engine and necessitate carburetor replacement. Adjust the fuel-to-air ratio (FTA) by locating the slotted idle mixture screw near the air-cleaner side of the carburetor. To make it idle faster turn the screw clockwise. If not then you can try this. If the IDLE does not go up or it does nothing turn the Fuel Ratio Screw 1/8 Counter Clockwise that should be the highest IDLE you can get out of the Fuel Ratio Screw-- GO to FINISH UP. 5mm Dellorto PHVA Carb on your 2005 Piaggio Typhoon 50cc  Adjusting the carburetor on a 150cc chines scooter. I drained some very old gas from the tank and filled it with fresh fuel. It is usually opaque and in silver aluminium. Brand New Carburetor for ETON Beamer R2 50 50cc Scooter Moped Manual Choke Carb $25. Ensure free travel of both wheels. If you are on the kick stand side the screw is on the opposite side with a spring under it. How to adjust your intake valve In order to access the intake valve on your scooter you will need to gain access to the engine. Most owner's manuals will have an optimum speed to set the idle, though you have some wiggle room if you prefer it higher or lower. Specs says it hits 8500 rpm. 150cc Gy6 QMJ157 Scooter Repair and Service Manual. Carbhub GY6 50cc Carburetor for GY6 49cc 50cc Four Stroke Chinese Scooter Moped Taotao Kymco 50cc Scooter Carburetor GY6 Four Stroke with Jet Upgrades Scooter Moped ATV Glixal ATMT1-073-1 GY6 49cc 50cc 80cc 100cc 20mm Big Bore CVK Carburetor with Electric Choke for Chinese Scooter Moped ATV Go Kart Quads Buggy 139QMB 1P39QMB Engine Carbs Either the idle jet has cleared, or the actual problem was with the enrichment circuit and it hasn't been needed the last few times I've started the scoot. Feb 25, 2014 · 50cc Scooter won't rev up, Keihin PD19J-9 carb. You may have to crank the scooter over a few times since the carburetor has to fill with gas before it will start. The SR50's 49 cc two-stroke, single-cylinder engine was fed through a single carburetor hidden behind the air cleaner box on the left side of rear wheel. Hi guys, total newb to scooters. If the IDLE GOES up repeat 1. The Aero 50 (NB50) was Honda’s first fully modern 50cc scooter sold in North America, thus completing the vision that started with the Express SR. Mar 09, 2016 · Finally, run the engine at idle speed and turn the handlebar to both the right and left to make sure that the engine speed does not change. this only controls idle to 1/4 throttle The idle speed adjustment screw is on the right side of the carburetor. For motorcycles that are not equipped with a tachometer, listen to the motor as it idles. Jun 02, 2012 · Part 2 of a 4 part video detailing all of the basic settings and adjustments of the carburetors found on Minarelli / Jog / 1E40QMB powered 50-90cc scooters and youth ATVs. According to Russ Johnson, owner and manager of Swamp Cycles in Gainesville, Florida, the PSI specifications for your particular scooter will be located in your owner's manual or for wider-based tires on the tire's sidewall. Loosen the idle screw no more than 2 turns at a time to adjust properly. In addition to all the amazing advantages of this 50cc moped scooter, they also don't cost much to maintain. I can ride at 60mph with no problem. Technical Guide for Keeway 50cc Carburetors Keeway America uses two primary forms of carburetors. 15 foot pounds sounds good to me. Changing the main jet should have absolutely no effect on the idle, so if the engine stalls or won't start, it's not the main jet that's the problem. This applies to a lot of carburetors really besides just mopeds and scooters. My son has a 50cc 2009 Generic Evolution scooter that revs very hard as soon as it is started. Sep 21, 2013 · To adjust your carburetor's idle mixture screw, ride the moped until its all the way warmed up and the low end is at its worst. Starts easy, idles smooth, good throttle response, does not bog down. Oct 10, 2019 · I got a 50cc lance Cabo. On most 150cc scooters, idle speed should be around 1500rpm when the engine is fully On most scooters from 50cc to 250cc, this will be somewhere in the 1500-2000rpm region. I followed the PDI instructions on setting the idle just My new Kymco Sting 50 keeps dying when it is in idle. You are now looking down on the top of the carb. Ensure proper front and rear brake operation, including fluid level, and adjust as needed. I've been all over forums for the past two weeks, and cant figure out what is going on with the scooter. The idle should be adjusted just high enough so that when set on the center Jul 17, 2020 · In This video i m gona show you how to set your scooter carb at home if you like our video subscribe our channel for more videos and if you have any suggestion for our video plz leave your comment Jul 05, 2018 · SOURCE: 50cc Sunl gas scooter You may need to adjust the fuel/air ratio. Go back to the idle adjustment screw and lower the idle speed to the lowest possible RPMs without stalling the scooter. What you want to do is turn the mix screw in all the way till it stops. I'm currently trying to set the right fuel/air mixture for our 50cc Yamaha Jog R ( around 2002) air-cooled 2-stroke scooter. The weights that are in the clutch are they called roller weights, and do you know where and how much the CDI is. To do this, see the vehicle manual. Then Turn the FUEL RATIO SCREW 1/4 counter clockwise and see if the IDLE GOES UP. There should be a screw with a spring around it some where on the carburetor turn it to the right till it stops, then turn it 1 and a half turns and it sould be perfect. Pulled into my parking spot, let it idle off choke for about 10 seconds before it died. Tip: An air fuel mixture screw is also known as an idle mixture screw  19 Dec 2013 Finally, no matter what adjustment the idle and air/fuel mixture screw is set to, the scooter will not stay running more than 30 seconds without  The shorter, fatter notch on the opposite side is where the idle adjustment screw makes contact. Start engine and bring to operating temperature. Shop NS4L - https://newscooters4less. Change the radiator fluid for water cooled scooters. I'm new to the scooter world, as I've just purchased my first 50cc Sense. Page 43 12. I have a 2009 Neos 50 4T, which refuses to idle. Unscrew your idle mix screw a quarter turn at a time until the engine starts choking a bit. Got it home, checked spark plug (which was 9 days old) – very fouled, engine appears to be running WAY too rich. 12 Jan 2017 In this video, Collin explains why your scooter might sound like it's Scooter: Genuine Buddy 50 Scooter. Hope somebody can help with this one. Cheap Kickstarters & Parts, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:Glixal 55mm Kick Start Shaft Gear with Idle Gear for GY6 49cc 50cc 139QMB 139QMA Chinese Scooter Moped ATV (21T+7T) Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. Building a Scooter Engine from Scratch CN 250 Honda Clone Building a Scooter Engine from Scratch CN 250 Honda Clone Watch as MRP builds a scooter engine from scratch in fast fwd. Once the idle mixture screw has been identified, adjust it until the engine is idling smoothly, with no misfires or shakes, and at the proper speed. This is how you can check to see if your scooter is bad too. #taotao · #scooter · #50cc · channel image. This project was adapted from Evans Brasfield’s books 101 Sportbike Performance Projects and How To Modify Your Metric Cruiser . It would restart, same thing. As the engine warms up, the automatic choke adjusts to the temperature change to regulate the fuel/air mixture to the proper ratio. It turned out the petcock was bad ( this is the thing that regulates fuel coming from the tank down to the carb ). Now that the mixture screw is at its best running location, you can adjust the Idle speed the screw. Fuel problems can be caused by a blocked fuel filter, a blocked fuel line and a faulty fuel valve or a faulty fuel pump (for scooters that use it). Idle Set Screw - This screw sets how fast your engine idles. Check fluid levels, and add if necessary. • Adjust if necessary. These are Oct 14, 2008 · I have tried adjusting the idle mixture screw every which way, but that doesn't seem to ever help. I took the carb apart and had a look at the floating assembly. The air/fuel mixture screw is on the front of the carb on the lower left side. If the engine does not quickly return to idle after a good rev, it's too lean and needs a bigger pilot jet. there aren't any idle or high speed jets to adjust, only the idle stop. DO IT YOURSELF & SAVE MONEY ON REPAIRS! * THIS IS NOT A BOOK PAPER MANUAL * THIS IS AN ELECTRONIC MANUAL ON CD WITH THOUSANDS OF PAGES OF INFORMATION INCLUDED IN readable [pdf] FORMAT FREE BONUS MATERIAL BMS 50cc scooter is a classic scooter in its own right. I can hear the idle control valve operating, and the motor revs up and down when returning to idle, as is normal on cold start. Every scooter can use a good tune from time to time. I let the bike warmed up to at least 65deg c. Fill the tires to the specified level, particularly the rear tire. 50cc scooter starter 139qmb 80 139qmb 80cc 139qbm 50 scooter variator roller shoe 139qmb variator handlebar inch 50cc spring. To view this site, you must enable JavaScript or upgrade to a JavaScript-capable browser. Javascript is disabled on your browser. The air/ fuel screw probably has a solid brass plug that needs to be drilled out to adjust. This video shows you how to adjust your scooter's engine idling. To adjust idle on a 1996 Yamaha Virago 110o, locate the throttle body and remove the rubber casing for the idle switch. Been a mechanic for over 40 - Motorcycles question Adjust it so the engine will idle at just fast enough speed to stay running. The other screw is to adjust the fuel/air ratio at idle by controlling the air flow along a dedicated idle nozzle. Buy at an affordable price! Made in the likeness of the world famous Vespa scooters minus the huge price tag. $24. A MUST HAVE for a 50cc GY6 Chinese Scooter Owner. A Yamaha Zuma or Vino would have enough power for occasional use, the Honda Ruckus has a reliable engined tuned for torque, Kymco has 2 seater 50cc scooter rated for 300 pounds . and sometimes will stall at a stop. On single cylinder engines there are two valves (one exhaust, one inlet). Inspect, see, touch and smell. The default setting is about 2 turns out. While a 150cc scooter might use roller/slider weights between 10g and 15g, a 50cc scooter is more likely to be best with weights between 4g and 8g , while a 250cc scooter will usually use weights in the 12g to 20g rance. With the back wheel raised I tried to apply some throttle. If it does, check the cable routing and free play again. It is brass and sits in a little well. scooter!), it's the carburetor. Welcome to Part 1: How to derestrict a 50cc scooter. Then remove the valve cover. The Zooma 50 is equipped with a 50cc 4-stroke engine that is much quieter, cleaner, and lasts longer than comparable 2-stroke engines. I have a mallosi variator whit 8 grams rollers and everything else is stock in my daughter's TaoTao Thunder 50cc. Sep 17, 2014 · I can get the bike to idle but as soon as I pull the throttle it bogs down and dies. TaoTao 50cc Scooter Owners Manual ; How to Adjust the valves and timing on your 49cc scooter; How to adjust idle speed on 49cc scooter Mar 17, 2013 · The excellent motor scooter is the Vespa,the vespa motorscooter is the first-rate looking and one of the crucial fine performing motorscooter with numerous aftermarket accesories,the vespa is available in 50cc,80cc,90cc,100cc,a hundred twenty five,cc,150cc,180cc, Near the end of my ride, I stopped at an intersection to make a left turn. Discussions related to 50cc and up 4 stroke scooters. 8 Do not leave your scooter unat- 1. You can remove the float bowl to get to the jets to clean or change jet size. Use that to Adjust this screw until you have reached the maximum RPMs. Overall it's a cheap moped, it takes a bit of maintenance but it runs well and gets me to places I need to go. I located the carb (after a little bit of difficulty), but I have NO idea which screw to adjust and how to adjust it. On the HuaSheng motor the idle mixture screw is a fuel adjustment, not an air adjustment. As the screw is rotated inward, it pushes on the slide lifting it and   28 Oct 2009 Solution: Clean the carburetor – pay close attention to the idle jet and the electronic choke. TheVarietyChannel · TheVarietyChannel. That fixes idle issues pretty well. May 26, 2011 · When you turn the screw clockwise that leans it out and vise versa. 8 (31 votes) Store: Glixal Official Store US $3. The engine idle speed should be adjusted to 1400 rpm for the 150cc engine and 1900 rpm for the 50cc engine. In addition to carburetors, there are many accessories. *** Otherwise GO to a. Idle speed should be approx. It looked okay: the hinge pin was in place and not wedged, the float (plastic) was fine and the rubber-tipped stopper was still properly attached to the floater and fit in the small shaft without wedging. There is a small screw under the pull starter facing horizontally (its behind the plastic air filter cover, but accessable) adjust either clockwise or counter clockwise in small increments and give it gas and see if it dies or boggs down. A mechanical slide type is used on the 50cc units, and a constant velocity (CV) style is used on the 150cc four- stroke units. Remember that an idle speed that is too fast can be dangerous. For more videos and Product assembly video Adjust idle so the scooter will just barely idle. along with their 39mm air filter worked great. To do this, you must move the screw in the lower part of the carburetor I have a 1997 Velocifero 50cc, 2 stroke scooter. We like to have the scooters idle  23 Dec 2009 just a quick vid on how to adjust the idling speed on a 50cc Chinese scooter. Again the engine should run smoothly. The shop increased the idle, cleaned the jets and several other things I don't now remember. Aug 28, 2013 · To adjust the Fuel Ratio Mixture you want to start it LET IT WARM up at least 5 minutes. I tried adjusting the idle valve screw and mixture, i turned them both in fully and then opened them 2 turns as i seen this was the normal setting. Immediately stop and remove the spark plug (be careful, it’s hot). at idle you are getting about 120:1 mixand as high as 20:1 at about 9-10,000 rpm. Jul 01, 2020 · Can we adjust the idle timing? Since I put the race map the idle rpm is slightly lower than 1500rpm. Follow the tips in this video to be on your way to being a jetting pro! Cheap Kickstarters & Parts, Buy Quality Automobiles & Motorcycles Directly from China Suppliers:Glixal GY6 49cc 50cc 55mm Kick Start Shaft with Idle Gear Sets for Chinese 139QMA 139QMB Scooter Moped ATV (20T+8T) Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return. When I got my first scooter (Buddy 50), I had a similar symptom. No assembly reqiured. Frankly, it's given us enough trouble over the course of its lifetime that I'm ready to sell it, but need to fix this one issue first. May 03, 2020 · Basically, on hot days, the scooter rear wheel wants to turn at idle. It optimizes how the engine runs and eliminates some of the unnecessary hurdles placed by the manufacturer. The more you loosen (counter-clockwise) the idle screw, the less throttle being given to the bike and can give you a hard time starting your bike. When your scooter is new, it may need to be adjusted a bit higher until the engine is broken in. YOU WANT THE HIGHEST IDLE OUT OF THE FUEL RATIO SCREW YOU CAN GET. I only ran it for 10 minutes this morning. 12 Jan 2017 This is totally normal! However, if it continues to idle low after riding for a while, bring the scooter in for a quick adjustment. Over time, especially if the scooter is stored for long periods of time with gas in the carburetor, gummy deposits can build up. How to adjust your idle speed? If the scooter will not idle or idles too fast, an adjustment screw is located on the carburetor next to the choke. Check and adjust idle speed as needed. This is your idle adjust; turn it to the right slightly while your scooter is running and you will increase your idle. Mar 31, 2014 · Explanation of the air screws VS fuel screws regarding the idle mixture. Disconnect the idle air adjustment valve and turn the idle screw. SOURCE: 50cc Two Stroke Scooter Engine - Poor Idle I had the same problem- from out of nowhere the scooter started dying at every stop. This is a standard carburetor pilot idle jet #34 (M6) for the GY6, 50cc 4-Stroke engine. adjust it till the need of requirment. Jul 08, 2012 · Fiancee's got a 2009 Lifan LF50QT-15 scooter with 1500km on it that is on the fritz. Then make sure the idle is low maybe 750 rpm. $22. Jul 30, 2015 · Replaced a stock carb on a Taotao 50cc scooter with this carb. If the motor is stumbling, increase the idle speed until it smooths out. I temporarily fixed this by increasing the idle speed until it won't die, but it's not exactly idle. To adjust the low speed mixture;. Advanced Trouble Shooting GY6 Motor Some motorcycles are equipped with a knob to adjust the idle speed. Either way you are fine tuning the low speed mixture. If it does REPEAT the 1/4 turns UNTIL the idle does NOT GO UP then turn it CLOCKWISE 1/8 turn. I also have A problem with the adjustment with the carb. Now we compare the looks of the spark plug with our reference image. The easiest way I adjust those is to have a friend stand in front of the scooter, holding the wheel and handlebars still while I lightly hit the throttle and at the same time, adjusting the fuel mixture screw on the carburetor slightly. I revved the engine while still stationary in anticipation of the light turning green -- I didn't want to hold up traffic, and the 50cc engine takes a while to get going. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: New The impressive gas mileage makes this 50cc scooter a perfect economical way of getting around. d. Had the carb off and cleaned but still the same Great scooter carb! Carb was easy to install and worked great in my TaoTao VIP 50cc, it is pretty much plug and play and only needed small adjustments. I'm having trouble finding the right screw. It dies out when I idle. Scooter runs like new now! Quality seems on par if not better than the original, and the price was great. High performance carburetor for GY6 49cc/50cc 80cc 4 stroke engines . ) 5 out of 5 stars 1 product rating 1 product ratings - Carburetor Carb For 49cc 50cc TNG ADLY HAMMERHEAD JONWAY Scooter Mopeds Bike The Sting 50 shared a lot of attributes with other 50cc Kymco scooters as the engine, frame and many components. Unfortunately you have to get the scooter running before you can adjust it any further 2008 Yamaha Zuma Idle Speed Problems This is a stock 2008 Zuma 50cc scooter with 2200 miles on it that has a high speed surging issue. X-PRO ® Disc Brake Pad for 50cc 70cc 90cc 110cc 125cc ATVs, Go karts 180 inch pounds equals 15 foot pounds, 78 inch pounds equals 6. Start the engine and adjust the idle speed screw so the engine will run on it's own without you 50cc 4T Main Jet. Scooter and Tech Manual - 50cc OHV Manual. Honda's mini dirt bikes, such as the XR50R, have been used by young motocross riders for years. The Elite SR50 is one of the more notable, and commonly seen models within Honda's lineup of scooters and was produced between 1988 and 2001. Nov 27, 2014 · Scooter started normal, but still would not take acceleration without bogging. (I have to hold it back with my feet or brakes or else it'll start going. You will need to adjust the idle a few times until you find the perfect setting for your bike. Oct 14, 2008 · I have tried adjusting the idle mixture screw every which way, but that doesn't seem to ever help. 4 miles on it. The quality of this scooter is far superior to the cheap Chinese made scooter and in my personal opinion is right in line with the Honda and Yamaha scooters. Oct 14, 2008 · Also make sure to adjust the idle mixture screw if it's having issues idling properly. Adjust idle mixture by   Zuma, Zuma Motorscooter, Yamaha Zuma, Yamaha Scooters, YW50, Zuma, YW50,Zuma, YW50 Zuma Big Bore Kits, Polini Scooter Products, Athena Scooter products, mini road racing, 50cc After reasembly adjust idle for your preference. The carb usually has a set screw on the side of the throttle body that governs the throttle opening for the engine to run idle. • Make sure that operation is smooth. Automobile WordPress Theme 2009 - 2020 Brad's Scooters. Problem: Idle seems fine, maybe a little rough but you throttle up over half and the engine sputters and dies … read more I just bought a Vespa ET2 50cc 2003 model and wanted to adjust the idle, because it goes off at traffic lights sometimes. The Spree (NQ50) is a remarkably small scooter produced by Honda from ’84 to ’87. com Oct 28, 2009 · 3. com. 95 / 24% off 26mm Carburetor w/Hand Choke Lever for GY6 150cc ATVs, Dirt Bikes, Go Karts Adjust the pilot-air screw on the left carburetor in the same way. Unfortunately, replacing those 2 things didn't resolve the issue. The screw pushes on a slanted surface on the center of the slide. turned in far enough. Featuring an easy-to-use automatic transmission to help youngsters learn how to control their motorcycle, the XR50R is as simple to maintain as it is to ride. The Sting 50 could be considered the 2-stroke sibling of Kymco’s Sento 50 scooter. 50cc scooters are recommended for drivers who may just be entering the world of motorized, two-wheel vehicle operation. Jul 17, 2017 · Zama carburetors are found on many different types of two-cycle lawn tools, from string trimmers to leaf blowers and edgers. Look at the carb  18 May 2020 It could be a car, motorcycle, scooter, ATV, or anything else with a carburetor. My normal routine is to let it warm up on the kickstand for a few minutes before riding. Adjusting the engine's idle speed is one of the many Problems can occur when the valves on your scooter or too tight or too loose but they can be adjusted accordingly to fix performance issues. Just take it to the shop and have them adjust it for you. To set it you do want to warm the bike for at least 10 mins. 99 Along with that I will also explain which parts should be installed first when starting tuning a scooter and which ones need to be replaced when getting more serious. I can't get this to idle properly. I have one and mine is BUT both fuel injected AND carbureted were available at that time. Feb 24, 2012 · Don't load heavy- but a scooter rated for 300 pounds with passenger should have enough brakes to handle bicycle type carrying 100 pounds load. Actually it drained out completely in the end. Open the throttle lever to full blast. #2 Jet Doc is absolutely correct. In order to adjust the carburetor it is necessary to warm the motor up first. Granted, 50cc scooter frames are still very durable and the max load is generally up to 225 pounds it's just that the 50cc motor usually has a peak speed of 25 MPH. to/2LBfWb8 The first thing you want to do is start your scoot , after your scoot is warmed up and  13 Sep 2016 Now that you have cleaned your filter and de-restricted the brass plate from the 17. TaoTao 50cc Scooter Owners Manual ; TaoTao 150cc Scooter Owners Manual; ATA125-D Owners Manual ; How to Adjust the valves and timing on your 49cc scooter The first thing you have to do to adjust the carburetor of a motorbike is to locate where it is. Scooter would die at idle. 3) With the scooter warmed and idling slowly (900-1200 rpm) on the center stand, turn the idle mixture screw SLOWLY to the right until the idle gets rough and slows even more. question becomes what will the aluminum be able to handle without the stud pulling loose. Both are turned until the desired rpm and performance are achieved. The look and feel of this two wheel motor scooter is smooth and built for leisure. To adjust the valves the engine must be COLD. The idle screw can be accessed through the opening in the seat. It is fine when above 75 deg c I Had The Same Problem w My 50CC by: Anonymous It MAY be the same prob I had. engine should become slightly erratic and you should have to play with throttle to Jul 27, 2014 · Reinstall the clean spark plug and ride the scooter for about 100-200m under complete load (full throttle), ideally up a hill. After 3000 km I wasn't able to adjust idle speed and decided replace it for this model. When its winter it will idle higher than normal at first and idle down after after a minute or two of idling since I warm up my scooters prior to riding more so in winter time . This will involve: Disconnecting the battery (for safety) Jun 17, 2014 · So I received a new out of the crate Taotao 50cc with . You will see a philips head screw on the carburetor that you will want to turn to the right. Read more. 5 turns, moved up a half turn and down a half turn on each carb with no luck) and it still idles low on choke at 2000rpm steady and still won't The idle speed adjustment screw is on the right side of the carburetor. adjust the screw slowly clockwise until the idle drops slightly and stop. TaoTao 50cc Scooter Idle Fix. Then put it up on the stand and reset your idle mixture screw like this: Set your idle speed to be faster than normal. Oct 23, 2014 · Carb now has low speed adjustment, adjust 1/8 both ways NO difference (gas/vent lines*( but not from tank to peacock/fuel filter) with helix lines. how to adjust idle on 50cc scooter

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